Rocket Ranking has been fundamental in the rise of our website in Google. Before we started, none of our webpages were optimised correctly and we didn’t have any backlinks pointing at our site. Not only have our Google rankings gone from page 4 to page 1 in a matter of 3 months, but we’ve learned a lot about SEO and how it works. Mike the driving skool.com
As a premier barbershop in London we face huge competition in appealing to the most stylist gentlemen in town. Our customers take great pride in their grooming schedules and we have found that since using Rocket Ranking and commanding a page 1 Google result for “best barbers in London”, “barbers in London” and other related phrases a sharp increase in new customers are coming in, some from several miles away. We were skeptical at first if SEO would be of use to us, but with the large increase in sales in store and traffic online we can see how SEO is good for growing our brand and business. Tony Porters Barber & The Groom Room Barber Group
Rocket Ranking helped us point out and fix all the aspects of our site that were wrong. Within 15 minutes of using the system I discovered several errors on our website, which I learnt were holding us back in Google. Who knew adjusting the title of a webpage would have so much of an impact on where it ranks on Google! The continued link building work they have done to our website has been brilliant too. Every time I log into my account I can check what links have been built. Joe J.A.H.M
We provide horticultural therapy groups in Brighton on the south coast of England. Rocket Ranking has given very good advice to improve our website which has increased our ranking within the search engines. This will give us more exposure and enable us to grow further as an organisation. We are very pleased! www.nurturethroughnature.org – Nick

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