Our SEO Strategy

1 Keyword Selection

All successful SEO campaigns start with detailed keyword research. Our Keyword Profit Calculator tool enables us to work out which keyword phrases have the highest search volume per month, and thus have the greatest ability to provide your website with the largest amount of targeted traffic. Moreover, the Keyword Profit Calculator will allow you to work out the potential financial impact a Page 1 Google ranking could have on your business’s bottom line.

With Rocket Ranking you’ll be able to find the optimum keyword phrases your business should to be targeting.

Keyword Selection

2 On-Page SEO Optimisation

After you’ve decided which keyword phrases you’d like to target, input them into the On-Page SEO Optimiser tool along with your website’s URL. The On-Page Optimiser will then crawl your website’s code, much like a search engine robot, and work out exactly what needs to be done to make your website 100% SEO effective. All suggested changes are purely text based and will take your web-designer no more than an hour to implement. If you have any trouble implementing the changes please let us know and we’d be happy to help.

In addition to this, the On-Page Optimiser will rate your website’s relevance to your target keyword on a scale of 1 to 100. It will keep a record of each score so you can track the improvement of your website over time.

The suggestions the tool provides can be downloaded as a PDF so you can easily pass them on to your colleagues and/or web-designer.

On-Page SEO Optimisation

3 Off-Page SEO / Link building

Building backlinks to your website is critical for SEO success, yet it is usually an extremely difficult and time consuming task. Our Backlink Builder tool finds high quality, relevant links for your website based on your industry, target keyword and location. Using this information and the opportunities it provides, you’ll be able to build backlinks like a SEO Pro in no time!

Whats-more, as part of our SEO strategy we’ll manually build 100’s of extremely powerful, niche specific links to boost your rankings even further. Every month we’ll build your website up to 60 backlinks.

Off-Page SEO / Link building

4 Social Signals

Social signals are becoming ever more important in search engine algorithms and we’ve made it as easy as possible for you to benefit from this. If you choose to opt-in to the Like and Follow tool you’ll be able to view a list of other businesses who’d like to exchange ‘likes’ and ‘follows’ on a variety of different social media channels. Increasing your social followers will give your website an added boost in the search engine results pages.

Social Signals

5 Monitor Your Progress

As you use Rocket Ranking you’ll be about to gather information on the performance of your SEO campaign. You’ll be able to measure how relevant each of your webpage’s are to your target keyword phrases, check the number and quality of backlinks built to your website and see your social media followers increase.

Monitor Your Progress

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