Online Marketing Budget: Only 21% Marketers are Including SEO in Their Budget

August 24, 2015 - Posted by Rocket Ranking

Only 21% Marketers are Including SEO in Their Budget

A recent research study done by Hotwire, a global tech public relations agency, has revealed some shocking facts about online marketing decision-makers. According to the report, approximately 80% of total internet marketers fail to include SEO in their budget.

On the other hand, most of those marketers (52%) claim that they actively engage in online display advertisements. However, only 21% of them said the same for search engine optimization (SEO).

Shocking Results

The results of this research was shocking to many professionals in the digital marketing world. Rebecca Honeyman, who is the general manager and senior vice president of Hotwire’s New York office, echoed the same thoughts. She called the data “interesting and slightly terrifying”. She believes that most businesses are still afraid to try anything new and, instead, they like to stick with the tried-and-proven methods rather than improvising or experimenting. And this can be one of the main reasons of such data. In her own words:

“If you are unsure of a channel, you tend to go with the tried and tested and what’s worked previously and, to me, that would be the reason behind the higher number in more traditional channels.”

And although Rebecca Honeyman understands the logic behind these shocking decisions, she — just like numerous other digital marketing professionals — believe that it is a wrong strategy and should be addresses as soon as possible. She warns online businesses that by not experimenting with SEO, they are leaving a lot of money on the table. She says:

“Garnering a mass audience today is much more about search. Even as a consumer myself, all of my purchase decisions begin with a Google search. By overlooking this channel, you are overlooking a huge portion of your audience.”

Afraid of SEO?

On the other hand, Benjamin Spiegel, CEO of Houston’s MMI Agency, addresses the major problems that — possibly — keep online businesses still afraid of SEO. He outlines the main issue of execution in the following words:

“Measurement and execution is tricky. You can spend 1 million on your SEO agency, and they can create amazing recommendations. But if the creative agency does not implement it and nobody creates the content they asked for, all the brand gets for their investment are papers.”

He also adds that, “SEO is a long-term investment” before concluding that search is the most way to discover content and SEO is the channel to improve the user-experience in discovering the content. Furthermore, he also advised that marketers should treat SEO as media for they will get more benefits with that approach and mindset.


The Bottom Line

If you are one of those businesses, which are still not taking SEO into account, you have heard what the professionals have to say.

If you need to survive in the digital marketing world, you simply cannot afford to avoid two major channels: content marketing and SEO. Invest your time, money, and other resources to come up with a well-planned SEO strategy. More importantly, have a content marketing team well-equipped and ready to execute on those plans and suggestions.

It may seem tricky, but SEO does have its rewards. It’s more of a long-term solution that brings your average cost significantly on the lower side if you keep doing it the right way.

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