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How to use the SEO On Page Optimiser

The On Page Optimiser tool analyses your webpage’s code and works out how well optimised it is for your target keywords from a SEO perspective.

After analysing your webpage the On-Page Optimiser will offer suggestions and simple instructions to make your website 100% SEO effective.

To get started, go to the Dashboard and select the SEO On Page Optimiser.

When the tool loads type in your webpage URL and your target keyword phrase for that individual page (each page on your website should be optimised for a different phrase).

Click “Check Your Site Now”

The tool will then analyse your websites code and within a minute come back with a report on how well optimised your webpage is.

Use the information and list of amends the report offers to optimise your website. If you cannot implement the changes yourself, download the report in a PDF format (to do so click the ‘Export to PDF’ button in the top right corner of the report) and pass it on to your web-developer. The changes should take no longer than an hour to implement.

Once you have implemented the changes open up the On Page Optimiser tool again. Instead of inputting your URL and keyword again scroll to the bottom of the page. You will find a table with all your previous results and scores.

Click on the ‘green refresh arrow’ to re-test the page.

Click the ‘report icon’ to view the last test.

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