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How to use the SEO Backlink Builder

The SEO Backlink Builder tool both helps you and our team of SEOs build high quality links to your website.

Before we go into anymore detail, we feel it is important to mention that every 3 months the Rocket Ranking SEO team will build your website upto 300 links, with or without your use of this tool.

Use of this tool is therefore optional, and should be used by those who want to speed up their results.

Detailed Instructions on How to use the SEO Backlink Builder

To get started go to the Dashboard and then click on the SEO Backlink Builder tool.

You will then see a page asking you to enter your keyword phrase and location details.

Press ‘Search’ and the tool will get to work. Usually within 5 minutes you will get an email from our system letting you know your results are ready to view. Due to high activity this can sometimes take 1 or 3 hours.

When your results are ready click on the ‘Your Search Results’ tab. In the table find your keyword and then click the ‘view sources’ link.

This will open a new page. At the bottom of the page you will find a ‘Backlink Template Guide’ button. Download this and use it as an aid as you build your links.

After you have filled in the ‘Backlink Template Guide’, upload it via the ‘Upload Your Backlink Template’ button

Once you have uploaded your ‘Backlink Template Guide’ a member of our SEO Backlink Building team will be notified and will use this information to help build future links to your website.

Note: If you do not upload your ‘Backlink Template Guide’ we’ll use the information we can find on your website to help us build your links.

Now scroll back up the to the top of the page…

The ‘Top Ranking Businesses’ table shows a selection of top ranking websites for your selected search terms. Click on ‘Citation Sources’ to find out where these sites already have links from and then go about securing the same links for your business.

The second table highlights link opportunities we believe are relevant to your search term and location. Most of these sites will allow you to add a link back to your website along side your business name, address and phone number. Make sure you keep these consistent!

Once you have added your link tick the “Got it” box and your link will be added to the Backlink Counter tool. If you think a link opportunity we’ve provided you is nonsense, tick the “Useless” box.


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