Boost your Local SEO Ranking Positions Like Leicester City FC

August 26, 2016 - Posted by Rocket Ranking

Leicester City FC

This is the Premier League of Citations

The cream-de-la-crème. The most powerful citation sources on the net. Every business wants them. Not many have.

14% of your local ranking positions depend on citations and it is the number 1 local SEO factor SEO experts are focusing on right now.

But what is a “citation”?

Let’s define it:

“A citation is an online reference to a business’s name, address and/or phone number, sometimes referred to as NAP Search Engines use citations as an important ranking signal when evaluating the relevance of a website to a search query.”

What’s great about citation building is despite how powerful it is at boosting your ranking positions, it is super easy to do.

The magic skills of Eden Hazard are not required.

Everyone can do it.

Yes, even you James Milner.

And with this new skill in hand you’ll be able to climb Google’s Search Engine Results Pages just like Leicester City FC rose to the top of the Premier League last year!

17 Tips To Get Your Website To The Top of Google In Your Local Area: The Local SEO Checklist

August 16, 2016 - Posted by Rocket Ranking

How profitable could it be for your local business to have a high-ranking position in Google?

A Page 1 Google ranking could bring your website hundreds of new leads every month, all of whom are specifically searching for your products and services.

If you’d like to know EXACTLY what you need to do to improve your Google Ranking Positions locally, read on my friend.

By implementing each of the 17 points listed below, you will leave your website in a great position to benefit from the local online demand for your products and services.

At Rocket Ranking we have helped hundreds of businesses in the UK achieve Page 1 listings on Google. The checklist below highlights all the fundamental elements you must have in place to get your website to the top of Google.

If you have any questions or queries regarding our Local SEO Checklist Tool please feel free to contact us and we’ll be more than happy to help.

Follow this simple checklist to maximise your local ranking positions.

1. Title Tag – does your title tag include your target location?

As our On-Page Optimiser Tool points out, it is of extreme importance your target keywords appear in your Title Tag. Therefore, if you're trying to rank locally make sure you include your location/town name in your title tag within the first 70 characters.
Tip: The closer your location appears to the start of the Title Tag, the better.
For example, if at Rocket Ranking our target location was "London" and our business offered "rocketship servicing" our Title Tag would look something like this:

  • London Rocketship Servicing | Rocket Ranking
  • Rocketship Servicing in London | Rocket Ranking
  • Quality Rocketship Servicing in London | Rocket Ranking

2. Does your website include your business phone number, business address and full business name?

This is extremely important. If possible, add this information to the "footer" area of your website so it's present on every page. Additionally, make sure this information is present on your "Contact Us" page.

3. Do you have a local phone number?

Having a local phone number on your website has a positive effect on your local search ranking position. Instead of adding a free phone number (e.g. 0800) or mobile phone number, make sure to add your local phone number instead.

4. Is your business physically located in the target location?

Your business is most likely to appear in Google's pack of local results for searches that contain the name of the city in which it is physically located. This is taken from your "Google My Business" page address.

5. Have you set-up your “Google My Business” profile page?

If not, go to and set-up your page.

6. Has your Google My Business profile been verified?

After setting up your Google My Business page you need to verify its ownership. To verify your account you will be sent a letter from Google with a PIN number. The letter typically takes around 2 weeks to arrive. Upon receiving, log in to your Google My Business account, click the "Verify Account" button and enter your PIN number. Alternatively, you can ask Google to phone you to verify your account.

7. Google My Business: Accurate category?

During the process of creating your page make use of the "Category" field Google allows you to add. Make sure you select the category that describes your business best.

8. Google My Business: Accurate listing?

Make sure your business name, address and phone number are exactly the same as they appear on your website.

9. Do you have any reviews on your Google My Business page?

The number of reviews your business earns on its Google My Business page influences your local ranking positions to some respect. Where possible, ask existing customers to leave reviews. Note: Do not copy and paste reviews from your Google My Business page and put them on your website. Google wants these reviews to be exclusive and if they are placed elsewhere on the web they will be removed from your Google My Business page.

10. Create and claim listing on Bing Local

Go to and set up a Bing Local page for your business. Much like a Google My Business page you will need to verify your page by post or a phone call. Once again, make sure to include your business name, address and phone number exactly as they appear on your website.

11. Create and claim listing on Yelp

Yelp is a website that helps people find businesses in their local area. If you run a local business it's a great idea to add your business information to the website both for exposure and SEO. To add your listing go to

12. Consistency of Citations

A "citation" is any mention of your company's name, address, and phone number online, also referred to as "NAP". It is extremely important your business' citations are consistent. Examples of a citation would include your Google My Business, Bing Local and Yelp pages. As part of your subscription to Rocket Ranking we will create 60 to 180 high quality, consistent citations every quarter for your business. You can also use the Backlink Builder tool to add as many additional citations as you like too.

13. Is there an image on the webpage you are trying to target locally?

Be sure to add an image to the webpage you are trying to rank locally. Before you upload the image to your website, name it appropriately. Using our "rocketship servicing" example again, we would name the image files:

  • London Rocketship Service.png
  • Rocketship-service-in-London.jpg
Additionally, be sure to sure to give the image a keyword rich 'Alt Text' attribute.

14. Is your website Mobile friendly?

Google's search engine ranking algorithm now takes into consideration if your website is "mobile friendly" or not. If your website is not mobile friendly it will be penalised in search results made from mobile devices. Note: This currently does not affect searches made from a desktop computer. If you need assistance with creating a mobile friendly version of your website please contact us.

15. Does your webpage have over 500 words of text?

It's a fact. Webpages with a large amount of text (500+ words) rank better in Google compared to pages with less text. If you can stretch your webpage's text past the 1,000 mark you are on the right track. Within the page's text, try to include your target keyword and location at least 3 times. Importantly, try to include your target keyword and location in the opening paragraph.

16. Does the text on your webpage exist elsewhere on the Internet?

It is paramount the text on your website is completely unique. Do not copy text from competitors websites, or duplicate text on numerous pages on your own website. Each individual webpage should have its own unique text.

17. Are you following all the points the SEO On Page Optimiser tool points out?

If you haven't already, make sure you have used the SEO On Page Optimiser tool to run a test on the individual webpage you want to rank in Google for your target keyword and location.

By implementing each of the above points you are giving your business the best possible chance of ranking locally. If you have any questions or queries regarding this, or need any assistance please contact Support.

5 Marketing Tactics to Achieve Success on Medium

July 2, 2016 - Posted by Rocket Ranking

So many content marketers are now successfully using Medium as one of the many online marketing platforms. Many bloggers and content marketers have been able to derive great results out of it.

However, at the same time, there are others who couldn’t get a lot of traction from Medium.

As it is with every other online marketing channel, there are certain tips and tricks that you need to follow in order to achieve true success.

In this post, we are going to discuss 5 proven marketing tactics that will help you achieve success on Medium.

Here are those 5 marketing tactics for Medium

SEO Checker Tool

March 13, 2016 - Posted by Rocket Ranking

Rocket Ranking SEO strives to deliver the most effective services to clients whose websites need improvement. Our solutions aim to assess the performance of your site and identify areas that we can improve to achieve the best results for your business. Working with an experienced service provider like Rocket Ranking is one of the most important decisions you’ll make in your career as an entrepreneur or marketer.

To make online marketing easier for you, we developed a range of tools that will help you find more opportunities to improve different aspects of your website’s performance. We are proud to introduce our On-Page SEO Analyser, a proprietary SEO checker tool that enables you to see how effective your site is. This tool likewise helps you optimise every page on your website to enhance user experience and search rankings.

Our On-Page SEO Optimiser is easy to use and provides quick results. Get a sample website and SEO report right after performing a quick test. Simply type your keyword and URL on the space provided and our analyser will do the rest. Within a few seconds, you will get valuable information about your website, including:

  • Website traffic and popularity
  • Page loading time
  • Total page size
  • Areas that need improvement

You can access the full website and SEO report by creating a free Rocket Ranking account. Sign up today and start your free 30-day trial. That means you will get the information, services, tools and support you need for one month without having to pay any amount.

Contact us if you have any questions about our SEO Analyser tool.

Small Business SEO Tools

March 11, 2016 - Posted by Rocket Ranking

Rocket Ranking knows online marketing by heart and we make it easy for you.

We don’t just provide powerful, effective and affordable services; we developed a range of small business SEO tools you can use to monitor and improve the performance of your campaigns. Use these tools to optimise your website and make it more SEO effective. If you need technical help, get in touch with our support team immediately.

Our goal is to help you maximise the benefits SEO can provide your business. These tools will let you find opportunities to grow your business and will make your experience working with Rocket Ranking a better one.

  • On-Page SEO Analyser – This tool allows you to see the big picture of your site’s performance and optimise every page to gain higher rankings.
  • Keyword Profit Calculator – This tool helps you identify the most powerful and profitable keywords that you need to target.
  • SEO Backlink Builder – Build quality backlinks to your site in just a few seconds. This tool helps you find the best link opportunities today.
  • SEO Backlink Counter – This tool helps you count the number of backlinks created using the backlink builder and analyse their quality.
  • Social Media ‘Like and Follow’ Tool – Like and follow and be followed by others. This tool allows you to build a stronger social network and benefit from it.

Online marketing is easier with Rocket Ranking SEO. The information and support you need is within reach. Find out how our free SEO tools can help you and your business. Browse through our web pages to learn more and contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

Local SEO

March 3, 2016 - Posted by Rocket Ranking

If you own a local business, then you know how important it is to attract customers within your service area. Local SEO helps you reach more customers in a specific location by boosting your web presence and rankings on local search results. Find out how we can use this proven effective technique to your advantage.

Local SEO services play an important role in growing your customer base and increasing your brand awareness. At Rocket Ranking SEO, we use a variety of strategies to ensure the best possible results for your local search engine optimisation campaign. We don’t just focus on building links that provide more value and substance to your website. We improve your business profiles and make sure you claim all of your pages on different listing sites.

Our methodologies likewise include making your brand and profiles more visible for local NAP (Name, Address, and Phone) citations and on local reviews. We help you maximise the benefits of local optimisation by assisting you with the creation of on-page content with relevant keywords, location and appropriate landing pages for link building.

The Power of Local Citations

Your business information, including your NAP, must be complete and consistent on all listings or directories. This allows search engines and online users to easily identify your brand and gain access to your website. One of the main objectives of our Local SEO service is to make your site more visible to customers who are looking for your products and services in a particular location (i.e. your service area/s).

With our help, you can enjoy better search rankings and increased click through rate (CTR). We have the tools and technology to make this happen. Allow us to share with you our experience and expertise in the digital marketing industry.

Contact us today so we can get started immediately.


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