5 Marketing Tactics to Achieve Success on Medium

July 2, 2016 - Posted by Rocket Ranking

So many content marketers are now successfully using Medium as one of the many online marketing platforms. Many bloggers and content marketers have been able to derive great results out of it.

However, at the same time, there are others who couldn’t get a lot of traction from Medium.

As it is with every other online marketing channel, there are certain tips and tricks that you need to follow in order to achieve true success.

In this post, we are going to discuss 5 proven marketing tactics that will help you achieve success on Medium.

Here are those 5 marketing tactics for Medium

1. Write Useful, High-Quality Content

There is no alternative of that.

It does not matter how good you are at marketing your content, if it is not good enough, it is never going to be a success.

Moreover, Medium is a platform where so many great writers and content marketers hang out. Just like it is on Quora, Medium users want to see high-quality and useful content.

You have to give them that if you want to succeed at it.

Apart from that, another important thing to note here is that Medium is more accommodating to content that is inspiring, motivational, and uplifting.

And this leads to our next marketing tactic.

2. Study What Works Best

Each content marketing platform is best suited for a particular type of content, and so is Medium.

Before you start publishing content there, you need to study what works best. If you keep throwing stuff at a wall and see what would stick, you will most probably fail. Achieving success on Medium isn’t a shot in the dark; it is often a well-planned strategy that leads to success.

Jeff Bullas did a thorough research on what works best on Medium. According to him, the following types of content perform better on Medium:

  • Storytelling
  • Positive, uplifting content
  • Content that provides useful and high-quality information
  • Types of contents that evoke emotions
  • Posts that don’t use complex language
  • Posts that are relatable

You can also do your own research and come up with the types of contents that work best on Medium. Here is how you can do it.

Log into Medium and filter stories by ‘Top Stories’. Read as much content as you can and try to find aspects that are common in each of the top stories. Soon you will be able to come up with a magic formula that most probably will work.

Medium Top Stories

3. Headlines

Clickability is the key to viral content. Moreover, in a platform like Medium which is usually swamped with thousands of posts, you need to have amazing and attention-grabbing headlines.

Nobody will bother to read your content (despite how good that is) unless its headline is good enough to attract readers.

There are tons of articles that you can read on how to write good headlines for the web, but you need to know at least 2 important qualities for Medium:

  • The headlines should be short
  • The headlines of your posts should be captivating and interesting

If the headlines of your posts have these two qualities, they are likely to perform better.

4. Images

Elizabeth Tobey, who is the head of community engagement at Medium, says:

“Titles and images on Medium stories are your first and best chance to entice readers to click through and read your whole piece, so choose wisely.”

Once you have perfected the title or headline of the post, it is time to choose a good image to complement it.

My suggestion would be to create an image that is not only unique and interesting, but one that also reflects your content marketing brand. You can use that “sense of familiarity” to create and promote your online brand which will only help you in the long run.

5. Social Media Promotion

Just because you have published a good piece of content on Medium doesn’t mean that you are all set for success. Thousands of content marketers do the same thing everyday.

You have to take it one step further and utilize your social media profiles for marketing and online promotion.

Remember that the first couple of hours are critical. Promote as much as you can during that period — use Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, email lists — and based on the traction your post gets, it can become a hit on Medium.

Final Words

Achieving success on Medium isn’t a shot in the dark. The successful content marketers that you see on Medium have proven methods that they religiously follow.

Try using these 5 marketing tactics to achieve success on Medium, and you will also see better results.

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